Saturday, 30 January 2016

Hair today, Gone tomorrow...

It has been done.
The deed has been done.

(Kind of a lie, the hairdresser chopped it off, but you know what I mean.) 

I went ahead with it. I am so super proud of myself because I could honestly have backed out at the last second. 

I feel like things like this are so easy to talk yourself out of... so I thought 'NO. DON'T BE SUCH A SCAREDY CAT AND JUST DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT FOR ONCE!' 

And Voila... NEW HAIR. 
I haven't had my hair dyed, it is just the lighting. Also, sorry for how messy the new hair looks but it was SO WINDY!! 
May I present to you.. My Lob. (Sounds so much more dirty that it really is.) 

My hair feels healthier, fuller and just all round more WORKABLE! 

When my hair was long it was just so limp... no matter what I did with it, it just hung like a curtain around my face. 

I knew I'd made the right decision as soon as she started snipping away... I kind of wanted her to take it up even shorter... But I think I'll see how I deal with this length before making any more drastic decisions. 

Overall, I'm super happy with the haircut (which is a surprise because I normally hate going to the hairdressers) and I recommend anyone with long hair who is sick of it... to just DO IT! 

At the end of the day, it's hair, it'll grow back if you hate it. But I promise you won't! 

What do you think of the Lob? 

Lots of love,

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Goodbye Hair...

*pic from Lila Bowker pintrest

Tomorrow is a very important day. Tomorrow is a very nerve-wracking day. 
Tomorrow, I go to the hairdressers.
*shreaks of horror, gasps of disbelief and cries are heard in the distance* 


This girl is taking herself off to get a HAIRCUT. These knotty locks are GONE. 

I haven’t had my hair cut in months. The last time i went to get it cut, I decided to get my blonde dip-dye put back in. WHAT A MISTAKE.

My hair is in the worst condition it’s ever been in. I have knots EVERY single day. I don’t mean tiny ones, I mean ‘Hey Kirsty, I didn’t know you were growing dreadlocks?

I wake up in the morning and I can’t even be bothered trying to tame the beast on my head my hair so I put it up in one big knot of a ponytail.

..Can you tell that I’ve had enough of this? 

So I made a very grown up decision to get my hair cut. Tomorrow honestly can’t come quick enough. 

I have been searching the highs and lows of the internet trying to find a new hairstyle. (Why does that one girl with the curly prom hair always show up on Google Images for 2016 hairstyles?!?!) 

I think I’ve made my decision. Go short or go home.

I’m opting for the Lob. The Long Bob.

I know the majority of you will be wondering why this is such a big deal? My hair has NEVER been short. This is a HUGE deal for me.

I’m actually extremely worried because 90% of the time I take a photo into the hairdressers, i’m never happy with the end result. But i’ve decided it’s time to do something different… and if I don’t like it then… well, it’s hair. It grows. 

I am so very excited to see how this is going to go… I actually wrote this post so that I can’t go back on my word and just come out with ‘the ends trimmed off.’

Well… only time will tell. In 24 hours I will have my new hair. 

What kind of hairstyle do you have? Do you have a fear of the hairdressers like I do? 

Lots of love,

Monday, 25 January 2016

Organisation Station

Ok… so the title may have mislead you a bit. If you came here to see 10 different ways you can become the MOST ORGANISED person on this planet, you’ll be very disappointed.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Hello, Is it me you're looking for?

Is it compulsory that everyone makes an ‘introductory’ blog post when they first start a blog?!?! I’m not sure if it is… but anyway, here’s mine.
Welcome to my blog.

I rant and I ramble but I really hope that you enjoy my posts and please please please leave a comment because I love meeting new people :)
So, here I am, sat in my PJs on a Sunday evening staring at my laptop screen wondering what I’m doing with my life. Then I clicked a link on Twitter that took me to a lifestyle blog.
Something went off like a lightswitch, honestly, i know that sounds so stupid but it really really did. All throughout my childhood and all throughout school I have loved nothing more than reading and writing. I even had a stage when I wrote fanfics that were 40+ chapters long. (Back in my One Direction fangirl days, we won’t go there.)
Then all of sudden, I left school and I forgot about writing. I forgot about taking time to just sit here and WRITE. Then Ping, BLOGGING.

If you don’t already know, I have a Youtube channel, KirstyBroadhead. I post videos on there and i absolutely love it. But honestly, with a full time job and with it being winter it is SO hard to be consistent with posting videos. When I get home from work it’s dark and on weekends I’m too lazy! I have stopped putting deadlines on myself when I don’t really need them, I found it was too much pressure for something that  just started as a fun hobby. So I’m still doing Youtube and I still love it as much as ever… but no time scales. I’ll post when I post and i’ll only upload when I’m 100% happy with the video.
Even just writing this post now… I’m smiling. This is exactly what I want to do and it feels SO right!
What will my blog be about? Well, anything and everything.
I liked a book? BLOG IT! I like that lipstick? BLOG IT! I ate some really good pizza? BLOG ITTTT!!!!
Honestly, if you have got this far then Thank You.

Lots of love,

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