Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Is this Urban Decay's BEST palette ever?

When I think of eyeshadow palettes I think of Urban Decay. The Naked palette was the first ever 'high end' make up product that I owned (and still own and use to this day.) I think that the Naked range is where my obsession with collecting eyeshadow palettes came from.

A lot of people collect lipsticks, they collect highlighters... I collect Eyeshadow Palettes and I live for it. Yes, I only have two eyes... yes, maybe I do always go for the same gold shades every day (I'm not ashamed) but there is something so beautiful about an untouched palette.

(How many times am I going to say the word palette in this blog post...) Anyway, swiftly moving on before I start getting proper emosh about pressed pigments.
Urban Decay - Born To Run palette. When I saw this on Instagram (months before it's release) I knew that I NEEDED this. The packaging is unlike any that I have seen on a palette and the colours are to die for.

If you take only one piece of information from my blog for the rest of time, believe me when I say this palette is SO WORTH THE MONEY!
First of all, the packaging is just amazing. It feels so sturdy, it's slightly heavy but I genuinely believe that this is ideal for travelling. Have you seen the size of this mirror!?!? Sometimes I just use this palette for the mirror alone when doing my make up, it really is amazing.

This palette has the perfect mix of matte and shimmer shades and again, going back to travelling with this, there are so many eye looks you can create with these colours/formulas that you really do only need to pack this one product with you. Gone are the days of packing 3/4 palettes because they have different shades in each one that you need.
Anyone who knows me knows that I love a gold eyeshadow look. My favourite combo is Riff, Blaze and Stranded. If I'm being completely honest... I love all the colours but thought I couldn't see myself wearing the blues and the pinks. That was until I swatched them...
Okay Urban decay... I see you. I SEE YOU. 

I would say, without a doubt, this is my favourite eyeshadow palette that Urban Decay have ever released. If you're unsure of which one to buy, I would certainly recommend this one.  Now I would like to try the whole 'Born To Run' collection pleaseeeeee. 

Have you tried any of the Born To Run collection? Which piece is your favourite?

 Lots of love.
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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Monthly Movie Reviews by Zach - January 2018

My boyfriend, Zach, loves going to the cinema and recently he's been posting his mini movie reviews onto Facebook. 
I love the fact that he loves writing them - so I'm dedicating a monthly post on my Blog to his reviews! 

The Greatest Showman
After much resistance I finally gave in to Kirsty begging me to go see this film. 
The fact she had seen it 3 times in 6 days should've been enough to tell me it's awesome! 
She was right, it's AMAZING! I don't even like musicals that much... I'd happily admit it's one of the most enjoyable films I have seen in years, if you like Musicals ITS A MUST. If you like films also go see it.. 
Feel Good 
Great Songs 
Good Storyline 


Insidious - The Last Key 
6/10 (i'm been generous) 
As a fan of the insidious franchise, I expected this to deliver real scares like the first 3, unfortunately all I experienced were a few jumpy moments... 
Weak plot and a bit repetitive, the fact they left it open at the end indicates that a 5th film will be out this worries me. 
If they continue like they are it'll end up been the quality of a straight to DVD Horror!
If you like the insidious franchise go see it/have a cineworld unlimited card go aswell
But WOULD NOT Waste £10.50 going to see it this, you will walk out dissapointed and £10.50 worse off
Weaker than the previous 3
That lil key finger thing was pretty scary though

The Commuter

Unlimited screening of 'The Commuter' this evening with Kirsty
Uk Release date 19th Jan 
So another action thriller staring Liam Neeson SHOCK!
If you have seen 'Non Stop' the film on the plane, it's got a little bit of a feel of that.. but this is on a Train not a Plane.
Is it as good as Non Stop? Probably not, but still entertaining.
Enjoyable if you are into an easy watching thriller or just like Liam neeson action films... 
A Whodunit Plot
Tense Moments 
Fight Scenes 
Liam Neeson been an overall badass as always 

It's not gonna blow you away, pretty easy to follow, but defo worth a trip to the cinema to see it !

12 Strong
So I have waited for this film to be released a couple of months now, so last night was very excited to see it! 
Was I expecting Better things?! 
Yes unfortunately I was

Firstly I love a good war film and after seeing Hacksaw Ridge Last year and it been my joint favourite film of 2017 I think I set the bar too high... 
Not a patch on hacksaw ridge... 
Slow Burner
Few Tense Fight Scenes
Got Chris Hemsworth In Which Is A Bonus 
If you like a basic storyline with fight scenes and there's nothing else on give it a try! 
As much as it pains me to say it... You won't walk out thinking that was an amazing film... So unfortunately I won't be saying GO SEE THIS FILM...


Me and Kirsty love a good horror, after seeing a lot of trailers and Helen Mirren on Graham Norton, We were very excited! For it's release yesterday 
A Horror Film with an Oscar winner and multiple Nominee ?! It had to be seen! 
I'm happy to be writing a good review of a horror, I feel January was a bit of a negative month of average film reviews.
For once a great storyline in a horror, kept you on the edge of your seat! 100% worth going to see if you love horror tbf even if you like a good ol ghost story.
Good Character Development

Lots of love.
Kirsty (well.... Zach!)

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Saturday, 6 January 2018

My 2017 Highlights and 2018 Goals

Now that's out of the way, how have you been? How was your 2017? It feels like it's been forever since I posted... It's only fitting that my first post of 2018 is about 2017... right? 

I met the Impractical Jokers
I started off the year travelling the country with Laura, seeing 3 Impractical Jokers shows. Now, I know that sounds crazy but when the tickets got released we got a bit 'booking happy' and after trying our hardest to get Meet and Greet, we finally succeeded. 
This was honestly the best way I could have started the year. I had waited months and months and it was SO worth the wait. 
I wrote a whole blog post about it (and i definitely don't randomly read it and look back at the photos.. not at all...)