Tuesday 14 November 2017

Perfect Prints with Photowall

Have you ever taken a photo that has just captured a memory perfectly? A photo that makes you smile every time you look at it? 

One of my all time favourite memories is spending the day in Central Park with my boyfriend, Zach. The weather was beautiful (for an autumn November day!) and I couldn’t have been happier being in my favourite place in the world with my favourite person. 

Rather than just have the photo as my Facebook profile picture - the lovely people over at Photowall gave me the opportunity to have it printed onto a canvas (so that I can lay in bed staring up at it, not at all crying that I’m no longer in New York…) 

Photowall will print any photo you like… any size… in amazing quality on a Canvas!
(I must admit - I'm not very good with sizes and when this came... wow, it's huge! But it will look amazing in our bedroom when we 'eventually' move in together!)

If the idea of staring at a huge canvas of your face doesn’t appeal to you, they have categories that you can Search in and choose from a ‘ready made’ design! 
Just type in your favourite City, your favourite Animal, anything… they will most likely have a canvas available that you will fall in love with. 

I absolutely love the landscape designs and the nature shots are just beautiful!

The canvas was really easy to put together… (I say this, but my Mum’s partner actually put it together for me whilst I sat and ate biscuits.) 

The one thing I will say is that the communication from placing the order to the delivery of the order is brilliant. 
There is nothing worse than placing an order and there is an error (for instance, I didn’t put the correct sizing in) and having a company just leave it… or not reply for days. 
Photowall were super fast at responding and I had a way to track my parcel almost instantly. I knew exactly where it was and how long it would take to get to me. 
 A* delivery.

I know you’ve all just scrolled down to the bottom here to get your hands on a discount code - and I have one for you! 
20% off anything on the website! Use the code - pwkirstytttcampaign2017 
The code is valid until 13th January - plenty of time to get your Christmas presents bought... or just a New Year present for yourself!

Have you ever used PhotoWall before? I’d love to hear about your experiences! 

Lots of love.

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*Please Note: The canvas was provided free for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own. 

Sunday 8 October 2017

5 Blogging Things That I'll NEVER Be Good At!

WOW! Hello! Hi there, it’s been a while! How have you been? Hows the family? Any goss?

I did wonder if I could just slide back in here with a new post and be like ‘TODAY’S POST IS ABOUT…’ and pretend that I haven’t been missing for months and months but then I thought ‘better not.’ 

I’ve been super busy, super tired and super lazy. Those are my excuses. BUT… Those excuses do lead me in to todays post…. 

5 Blogging Things That I'll NEVER Be Good At.

Number 1: Posting on time
hahahaha the irony. I like to set myself little goals. 'Kirsty, write a post and upload it every Sunday.' It's not hard, is it? Well IT IS, OKAY? 
I get busy and things get forgotten and before I know it Summer is over and I'm snuggled in a blanket wondering where the last few months of my life have gone! 
In all seriousness, I really do want to get into the habit of uploading a blog post once a week. I'm pretty sure I've said this since I first started this blog but I'M GONNA TRY MY BEST! 

Number 2: Instagram Stories
You know those bloggers who post everything on their Instagram stories and it says 'slide up' and it takes you to the item, like WHAT? When did all of this begin? Writing cute little handwriting text over the top of amazing photos and it just looks so GOOD! 
It makes me want to buy ALL THE THINGS and it just looks so professional. I just can't.
I'm still stuck over on the snapchat story hype with a dog filter over my face. When did all of this happen? Will I ever learn how to adult? 

Number 3: Blogger Chats 
Out of all of the things in this list, this is something I really do want to get better at. I think I've been involved in about 2 Blogger Chats in my life and they are so much fun and everyone is so friendly. 
Again, it all comes back down to time keeping. 'Oh, that blogger chat is tonight at 7pm. I'll be there!' 
9:30pm comes and I'm like 'OH FOR ***** SAKE.'

Number 4: Posting when it is 'relevant.' 
This one is a bit specific. 
Example: 'OMG, Look at this cute little sunshine lamp. That would look SO cute in a Summer inspired post.' The date is October 8th. 
I have a habit of just getting really excited about a blog idea, writing it and posting it. I don't really 'plan' much and I just like to wing it. Is that bad? 
At least you can all be excited for Santa Claus stickers and snowman lights in my photos that I post in February! 

Number 5: Pinterest
I just don't understand this website. I like to look at it for inspiration and it almost always comes up as a link when I google something... but I just don't understand how to use it! 
I've tried multiple times and I know it 'pins' things to your 'wall' (is that even right?!) but I just cannot get my head around it! 
Please tell me I'm not the only one!? 

What are the things about blogging that YOU find difficult? Orrrr am I just totally on my own with these?! 

Lots of love.

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Saturday 3 June 2017

Summer Skincare Wishlist

I have a feeling that every blog post you have read this week will have started with this same sentence… but I’m gonna say it anyway.


(Well it may feel that way because I haven’t posted in a few months but shh, nobody has to know about that.) 

I’m not sure if you feel this way or if it is just me being super weird… but if I watch or read about peoples ‘Skincare Routines’ it instantly makes me want to go out and buy lots of different skincare products.

Alas, a trip to Florida in September is stopping me from impulse buying ALL THE LOTIONS but it isn’t stopping me from showing you guys what products are currently on my ever growing list! 

I've never ever used an eye cream/serum in my life but I suffer with really bad bags under my eyes and I've heard nothing but good things about this, so this one had to go straight in my (hypothetical) basket!

Last Christmas (I gave you my heart) I got given a Clinique Gift Set which had lots of 'minis' in and I loved every single one! I have seen this cleansing oil on so many Youtube reviews and I would love to give it a try, knowing that I already love a lot of Clinique's other products! 

I'm not gonna lie, this brand scares me. I don't mean this in a bad way at all but the shops are always so POSH and the price tags are so high and I never feel like I fit in... but that's my problem, not theirs! I would love to just walk into a Kiehl's shop with a purse full of money and ask them to give me ALL THE THINGS! 
This product is supposed to work overnight and replenish the skin while you sleep... which is something I definitely need because you do not wanna see me first thing in the morning. Trust me. 

This one has been on my wishlist since my birthday last August, and I am still yet to try it! 
First of all, I love this packaging and I've been drawn to it ever since I first saw it. Second of all, it's had amazing reviews and I very rarely use a toner so I feel like if I had this, I'd use it all of the time! 

I saw this on FreddyMyLove Youtube channel and if I'm being honest, I didn't even know that Bare Minerals did products like this. I thought it was just make up (is this really stupid of me or...?) 
Apparently, this sinks into the skin SO fast and it is supposed to be a 'bare faced' product so that it feels like you have nothing on the skin, but it's doing all of the good jobs that a moisturiser should do! 

Again, back to Clinique because I know that I love this brand! This moisturiser can be used daily, morning and night or can also be used as a face mask which is 3 products for the price of one! I would love to try this as it is supposed to plump up your skin from within the first use.

Well, it wouldn't be a wishlist without putting and extremely ridiculously high priced product on here, would it? 
This product is supposed to be amazing, but is it amazing enough to justify the price? I really really hope that I get to find out one day! 

What do you currently use for your skincare routine? Have you tried any of these products? 
Let me know! 

Lots of love.

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Sunday 5 February 2017

6 Ways to Banish the Winter Blues

Is anyone else sick of dark mornings? Driving home from work in PITCH BLACK!! I want daylight back, please!! 

I love the Christmas period but once that's over, nope, I'm done.

The dark nights and cold weather can make you feel a bit gloomy, especially if you’re already not in a great mood! I’ve compiled a little list of all of my favourite things to do when I’m feeling a bit down. 

Here are my Little Pick-Me-Ups. 

Sunday 29 January 2017

THE Top 5 Highlighters (for all budgets!)

'Kirsty, are you seriously writing a post about Highlighters? Don't you think there are enough of those in the Blogging Universe?' 

YES, YES I AM WRITING ABOUT HIGHLIGHTERS. You know why? Because these are my TOP 5 HIGHLIGHTERS of all time and I feel like I'd be doing the world an injustice if I didn't talk to you about them. 

Okay, maybe i'm exaggerating a bit there... but whether you prefer splurging for some high end make up or you love collecting 'High Street,' I believe that I have the Top 5 Highlighters suitable for all budgets.

Tuesday 17 January 2017

Santiago Sent Us - Meet and Greet experience (WIN A MERCHANDISE PACKAGE!!)

I have waited 9 months for this moment. I could have fallen pregnant, grown the baby in my stomach and given birth to it in the time that I’ve waited to meet The Tenderloins.


Sunday 15 January 2017

Blogging Goals for 2017

I’ve already done the ‘Goals for 2017’ in terms of my personal life. 
2017 is going to be the year that I put all of my effort into my blog, so why not begin with a 'Blogging Goals' too? 

Sunday 1 January 2017

My Goals for 2017

My New Years Resolutions. Scrap that. Goals for 2017.