Tuesday 17 January 2017

Santiago Sent Us - Meet and Greet experience (WIN A MERCHANDISE PACKAGE!!)

I have waited 9 months for this moment. I could have fallen pregnant, grown the baby in my stomach and given birth to it in the time that I’ve waited to meet The Tenderloins.


If you remember… (you probably won’t) I wrote a blog post last February about how I’d been to see the Impractical Jokers live in London and I’d briefly met Murr and Joe after the show. Well, this was like that…. x1000000

Now, don’t get me wrong… I have a been a fangirl for many, many years. I’ve fan-girled over One Direction, The Wanted and even Jedward.

My love for The Tenderloins doesn’t even compare. I have been through some really horrible moments of anxiety and paranoia and I can honestly tell you that these guys have helped me through 90% of those moments.

Whenever I feel sad or over emotional I know that putting on Impractical Jokers can instantly cheer me up. I mean that with every piece of me, it’s not just about the show and that it’s hilarious… it’s them. Its those 4 guys that make me happy.

When the tickets went on sale, Laura and I ended up getting 3 lots. We bought the first two (Manchester and Birmingham) as merchandise packages as they were the best seats we could possibly get.

Then the Gods looked down on us from above (a lil’ dramatic) and presented us with another opportunity. A broken ticket link (oh god) that led us to LONDON MEET AND GREET FRONT FREAKING ROW!!!!!!!! I am not shitting you when i say that I cried. I was finally going to meet 4/4. 

Fast forward 9 months and here we are. The nervy belly began as soon as we stepped foot on the train to London. I would soon have no reason to secretly hate Laura… (She had met 4/4 in February so I’ve just been pretending to be her friend for 9 months while secretly loathing her.)

We made it to London, step 1 complete. We checked into the hotel, step 2 complete. Let's fast forward past the 4 different outfit changes... (It's stressful, okay!)

I really, really thought that I was gonna feel sick with nerves. In August, I went to see Jiggy in London and had the most horrendous panic attack, I was shaking and felt like I was gonna vomit. I have no idea why because I wasn't nervous in the slightest... but anyway. That's why I was really worried about this. I didn't wanna have a re-run of that. 

On the tube to the O2 I really felt fine. I was excited, not nervous. Laura was keeping me calm by telling me how amazing the guys are when you meet them and it really helped, I think I was mostly scared that they weren't gonna be how I thought they were... that they might be arseholes???? idk. 

After being sent from the table to the box office back to the table again, we decided to go and get Five Guys as the wristbands for the Meet and Greet weren't ready yet. It was delicious and I just felt the need to tell you that we got Five Guys because would it really be TeenyTinyThoughts if I DIDN'T talk about food???? nope ok.

We got in our seats really really early. I think we just wanted to be IN them so we knew it was real!
While we were waiting for the show to start, Laura turns to me and goes 'SHOUT JIGGY!' I was like bitch what?
Turns out Jiggy was here too and we had a little chat with him in front of the stage. He's SUCH a nice guy and so easy to talk too, we are already saving money for his shows in August! 

I know this post is about The Tenderloins but would it have even been tour without Owen Benjamin?
I was honestly in stitches at his set and when everyone put their phone lights on while he sang 'Feel My Heat' I couldn't help but think to myself 'He must be feeling so amazing right now.' 3 Shows later and Owen defo has 2 new fans. 

I'd be lying if I said that I was concentrating 100% on this show. All I kept thinking to myself was 'We're gonna be meeting them in an hour.' After now seeing the show 3 times I can confirm it was AMAZING. A perfect balance of stand up comedy, personal stories and 'never before seen' clips. 'GET IN THE VAN' was one of my favourites. 

It was so amazing to see them standing up there doing what they love to do. They've gone from performing in front of 2 people (half a person each!) to FILLING THE O2 BLOODY ARENA!!! I was so proud I actually shed a tear.

I shed more than 1 tear when Sal started crying. He was telling everyone how amazing and surreal this experience was. I can only imagine how they all felt, performing in a different country to this many people. I have never been more proud.

When the show ended, we were led 'backstage' and into a que of people that had their wristbands on. This was it. We were gonna meet them. 9 Months had led me to this moment. 

We met some lovely people in the que but honestly, I probably looked like I wasn't with it at all because I was completely dazed. Laura and I were the last 2 of our group to go in... which turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to us! 

Jeff came out and told everyone that there were no selfies allowed, only the professional photo. We were absolutely GUTTED... Did that stop us? Nope. I had spent TOO MUCH TIME and TOO MUCH MONEY on this moment.

Okay, Kirsty stop rambling, this is the part that everyone is ACTUALLY reading for! 

We entered the room and Murr was stood at the door, greeting everyone as they arrived. How cute is he? He was making sure that everyone got their things signed, even going around at the end and tapping people on the back saying 'Did I sign for you!?'
We didn't get a selfie with Murr because at this point, we didn't think anyone was allowed photos. We had a quick chat with him and I got my programme signed (the only signature i got because i just got selfies after that lol) He is just the cutest. 

Whilst I was talking to Murr, Laura shouted 'KIRSTY! SAL'S TAKING SELFIES!' Well, I felt so bad but I snatched that programme from Murr and I was gone like a flash. Don't judge me, I'd been waiting this long to meet Sal, I wasn't gonna lose this opportunity lol. 

I cannot actually remember my exact words because it's all blurred together. Sal Vulcano was in front of me and I had to stop myself from losing my shit. 

There were a couple of girls in front of me that asked Sal for a hug, He said 'I'm really sick... I'll give you a hug if you don't mind possibly getting sick!' Well, do I mind? NOPE. COME AT ME JA'CRISPY! 

I said 'Can I hug you?' hahahah I'm so sad. Sal was like 'of course you can!' and I gave him the biggest cuddle ever. I would pay the money again in a heartbeat just to relive this night, I swear to God. I then asked Sal if I could have a photo with him and we got our Selfie. Of course, it's the worst lighting in the HISTORY of photos but I don't care.

I just remember saying 'Thank you, thank you!' and he was so nice and the whole time that I was speaking to him he was looking at me like he actually CARED what I had to say.
That's whats so amazing, and what Laura told me to expect. He doesn't just take the selfie and move onto then next person. He really, really cares what you're saying to him and he's really interested! It was just AMAZING I'm sorry.

Laura moved onto Q (wink wink) and I took their photo. They had a chat but honestly I can't remember what was said because I was too busy making sure I got a nice photo of them together because Q is Laura's favourite. 

Joe was all by himself at this point so we went to see him and got our photos. Here is the best part of our M+G:

Laura told Joe that she had designed Jiggys merch and they were talking about it. Laura said (jokingly) 'Yeah he didn't pay me!!" and Joe was like 'What?!'



Then... just as I'm picking up pieces of my BLOWN BRAIN from the floor, he says 'Hold on, give it here.' Takes the money back, takes out his mobile phone and hands it to me. 'Film this.'

...and this happened 

WHAT. SERIOUSLY? Joe Gatto is just unbelievable. He has the biggest heart. After that, Laura got her Mum a birthday video and I got another cuddle... because it's JOE GATTO THAT'S WHY! 

I ran back over to Q, just in time, as Jeff started telling people to line up for the professional photos. I said 'Q, can I have a quick picture?!' and he gave me a hug and said 'Sure baby!' 

My photo with Q is my fave and it was literally taken with a spare second to go, so there's that. 
We got in the line for our professional photos and I was so worried it was gonna come out bad, but I wasn't nervous at all. I'd met all 4 guys and they were even more amazing that I could have dreamt! 

As I walked towards them I said to Sal;
'Can i stand with you please?'

'Sure! Move Joe, She doesn't want you, she wants me!!' 

Ummm yaaaaaas.

As I smiled into the camera (which was really horrible in front of all the people lining up but whatever) I felt Sal lean down next to me to make himself more 'my height' (midget height lol) It was honestly THE BEST. Q and Sal at either side of me, the best sandwich I've ever been a part of.
Joe turned to me and said 'Did you enjoy the show?!' I said 'Yeah it was amazing!' and gave him a massive hug. Then Sal was smiling at me so I said 'Can I have a cuddle before I go?!' and he said 'Of course you can' and gave me the biggest hug ever. I could not stop saying 'Thank you.' 

When we left the meet and greet room, I cried. I'm not ashamed, you should be ashamed if you think I should be ashamed. 

We went into the toilets and I just started sobbing. I had waited so long for that moment and it was even better than I could have imagined. Just imagine meeting the people you watch on TV everyday... the people who make you smile and laugh and the people who make your day just by liking your tweet or replying on twitter. Imagine meeting them and they are even lovelier than you could have ever dreamed. 


I was in the happiest little bubble all the way back to the hotel. We were sat in the hotel just replaying everything that happened. Just smiling to each other. I can honestly say it was worth EVERY SINGLE penny and every single day of waiting. 

If you're debating whether or not to pay for the M+G... do it. Don't miss out. They will make you feel like the most special girl/guy in the world. 

We went on to see another 2 shows and they got better each time we saw them. I was SO glad that we had more shows to go to after the M+G otherwise the post-show sadness would have been unbearable. But now it's over. The shows are finished and the guys are back in America. 

I won't be sad because I know that I'll be seeing them again in October. I hope it's with Meet and Greet but if it's not, I'll just be happy to see them stood on that stage again, doing what they love. 

Sal, Joe, Murr and Q, thank you. Thank you for everything. 

I really hope that you enjoyed reading my Meet and Greet experience. If you saw the show, what did you think? I'd love to see all of your photos! 

If you couldn't get a Merchandise Package from the show, I'm giving you the chance to win one! 
(What can a girl do with 3 merchandise packs, though?!) 

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Lots of love.


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