Sunday 6 March 2016


Last Saturday I finally saw my favourite people live on stage.

If you’ve ever read a previous blog post of mine… or you follow me on Twitter… or you just know me, you will know that I absolutely LOVE the Impractical Jokers. 

I have never loved a TV show so much. Whenever I am feeling sad, down or just in a bad mood, the show can instantly lift me up and make me laugh. It’s unbelievable but I love the 4 Jokers more than I ever thought possible.

If you’re ever feeling like nothing can make you smile, please put it on TV and I swear you’ll instantly feel happier.

I was so nervous to see them in person because part of me thought they might not be like they are on TV… What if they weren’t as friendly as they come across? What if they just ignore me?! 

I don’t even care how sad this makes me sound… I felt so emotional when we got into the venue! 
The show was at 10pm at the O2 forum, Kentish Town in London. 

We arrived outside the venue in the freezing cold, eating some Salt and Pepper chicken from a local Chinese takeaway. After waiting for what felt like forever (although it was only 30 minutes) they finally let us into the venue.

We instantly bought ourselves a T-shirt each and I bought myself a Tote Bag from the Merch stand. We were actually a little disappointed at the lack of merch available because I was willing to spend so much money there… but there were only 3 different T-shirts, the bag and a poster available.

I felt so proud when I saw that the venue was FULL. Although I did feel a little sad because I kinda just want them all to myself. Selfish Fan.

Our seats were amazing! We were Lower Stalls, ROW G. I felt SO close to the stage it was unreal. Then, a video started with a montage of the guys and I couldn’t stop smiling.

When they came out on stage I cried. Yup, tears came down my face and I wasn’t even sorry. It was the most surreal moment ever seeing the guys that you watch EVERY single day on the TV just walk out on stage in front of you. 

To keep it short and sweet, the show was everything I wanted it to be and more. It was absolutely hilarious and the guys interacted with the audience and were completely the same as they were on TV.

It was about an hour and a half long but it went so fast. 

Just before the very end of the show, we decided to leave and go to the Stage Door in hopes that we could meet them. The show finished at around 11:30pm so it was so dark and absolutely freezing outside.

There was already about 10 people stood at the barriers that had been put up at the side of the venue so we made our way there and waited. Everybody was so quiet and respectful of the surrounding areas and we were just patiently waiting for them to come out and meet us.

That was until some loud mouth security guard appeared from nowhere and started SCREAMING!! ‘YOU GUYS NEED TO LEAVE, WE HAVE NEIGHBOURS THIS IS SO DISRESPECTFUL.’

We were all silent. He was the ONLY one making noise. This went on for a while and then more security came out and one of them physically pushed me away from the barrier and I almost landed flat on my face!! I was so mad… they were the only ones making a fuss.

I suppose it worked though, because it went from being 150+ people waiting to around 30 of us.

After a brief argument with a security guard (I won’t go into that) I looked towards the barriers and I saw Joe making his way over to us. It was honestly THE MOST SURREAL experience ever. This was Joe Gatto. From The Impractical Jokers. The show I watch every single day. This guy. This. Guy.

We all waited behind the barrier and he was SO lovely, telling everyone that he was gonna meet each and every one of us if we were all patient and quiet. 

I really hate the way I look in this photo because it was SO quick, I was mid smile and my braces made my face look SO BLOATED!!! But Joe was so absolutely amazing that I don't even care.
It was such a brief photo and meeting but it honestly meant the world to me. He promised us that nobody else was coming out and they were leaving straight away… but I knew that Murr wouldn’t let us down. So as more people left, we stayed and after about half an hour… MURR APPEARED.

They had taken the barriers down at this point so everybody just ran towards him and I was like ‘oh my god I’m gonna get squished.’ But Murr was honestly exactly like he is on TV. So sweet and lovely and made time to speak to everyone and have a little bit of time with each of us.

He signed the Joker card that we gave Zach for Christmas and he got a selfie with us… and then I went back and asked him for a cuddle. Zach got it all on video and it was worth every minute standing in the cold, even though I felt so poorly when we got back to the hotel. 

This is a still from the video that Zach took of me and Murr... He is just the sweetest guy ever.

Sal and Q didn’t come out because they weren’t very well… I think… and I was gutted because Sal is my fave and I wanted to get a video for my friend who loves Q. Turns out, my friend met ALL OF THEM the next day!! Here is her post about meeting the guys

All in all, I had the best weekend ever. I’m still not over and it and I can’t believe that it’s been over a week since I met them.

If you have never seen or heard of the Impractical Jokers, watch it on Comedy Central on Monday nights. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Roll on January for the next tour so that I can hopefully meet 4/4.

Do you watch the Impractical Jokers? Who is your favourite? 

Lots of love.

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