Sunday 29 January 2017

THE Top 5 Highlighters (for all budgets!)

'Kirsty, are you seriously writing a post about Highlighters? Don't you think there are enough of those in the Blogging Universe?' 

YES, YES I AM WRITING ABOUT HIGHLIGHTERS. You know why? Because these are my TOP 5 HIGHLIGHTERS of all time and I feel like I'd be doing the world an injustice if I didn't talk to you about them. 

Okay, maybe i'm exaggerating a bit there... but whether you prefer splurging for some high end make up or you love collecting 'High Street,' I believe that I have the Top 5 Highlighters suitable for all budgets.

I'm gonna start with my favourite (and also the most dramatic in terms of colour.) The Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit.
I bought this from Sephora when I was in New York and oh my god. It is INSANE. The pigment in this kit is out of this world, the aliens will be able to see your glow from their little UFOs in space. It's that good.
My favourite colour is 'snow' because I love the silvery shimmer it leaves behind but I honestly believe there is a colour in this palette to suit everyone. Plus, a little goes a long way so I don't think I'll be hitting pan on this for a LONG time! 

Now this palette is a LOT cheaper... but it also has incredible pigmentation. This is the 'Sleek Solstice' palette.
I know a lot of people have seen this one and it's quite popular in the 'high street' brands but it is SO worth the hype. Again, it has different shades which compliment every make up look. I will admit, the cream one scares me a bit. Any type of cream make up frightens me as I feel it might look a big cakey. Other than that, I love this palette and it's the perfect size for travelling (unlike the Anastasia one!) 

This is a brand that I didn't expect to like, never mind love. The Make Up Revolution Blush Palette.
I got this for Christmas from my brother (I know!!!!!) and yes, it is called a 'blush' palette but this works as a blush, contour and highlight all in one. The shimmer on these colours is unbelievable and you only need to dab your brush in a tiny bit and the colour payoff is unreal. 
This palette is just amazing for the price, you could buy this and you wouldn't have to buy another blush, bronzer or highlighter until you had hit pan. Such a bargain! 
(Also, I wore the top left shade as a highlighter yesterday and somebody told me 'They could see the light reflecting off of my cheeks.') YES, exactly what I was going for! 

Would it even be a highlighter post if I didn't talk about Mary-Lou?

A whole year ago this was in my Monthly favourites and it's still in there now. As you can see, this one has been a little loved this year... (by loved I mean dropped on the floor on stood on, don't judge me.) 
This highlighter is just the Original queen. When the whole 'Highlighter' faze started, this is the one product that came to my mind whenever someone mentioned the word 'shimmer!' I think if you're looking for somewhere to begin with highlight, go for this one. It has good colour pay off but it isn't so bright that you're gleaming! (Although I prefer to be seen from SPACE!) 

Finally, the one that I 'splurged' on when I was on a weekend away in London. 
The Charlotte Tilbury Gold Bar. 
This was one of those products that I had saved for and I went into the store in London specifically to buy. That rarely happens, I'm more of an impulse buyer so this is quite a special product to me. 
I must admit, when I asked to test this in store and she brought this out to me, I thought it was a sampler. Then I asked to take one and she scanned it and I was like 'Oh, that's full size.' 
It is very small for the money you pay but the product is so pigmented that you barely touch your brush in it and it's glowing. I have had this for almost a year now and it's only just worn down the details. 
When you buy this product new it looks like Gold bar with some writing on it but obviously all of that's gone now because i've been using it so much! 
I think that this is a lot like the golden colours in the Anastasia palette and it's not that much cheaper... so if you're looking for value I would go for the palette as you get 6 colours. But if you're looking for something to save for and love in your make up collection, I'd definitely save your money and purchase this little beauty! 

Wow, I didn't know that I could get so enthusiastic about powder that makes your face glow but clearly I can! 

I am a huge highlighter fan, I know a lot of people can't wait for this faze to die down but I will be that one person that is still glowing to the heavens whilst everyone else has moved onto the new best thing! 

Do you own any of these products? Which ones do you like the look of? 

Lots of love.

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  1. I absolutely love highlighters, they're definitely my favourite type of product. I love that Makeup Revolution palette, the shades are beautiful! x

    Jordan Alice

    1. It's so affordable too! Such good quality for the price :)

      Kirsty xo

  2. I love Sleek as a brand, their lipsticks and blushes are some of my drugstore favourites. Their highlight palette looks insane x

    1. It really is!! I got the big Christmas set that has palettes, lipsticks and eye make up in it too and I've loved every single product so far!

      Kirsty xo

  3. Those brushes are gorgeous! Love the pigment and colours in the Anastasia Beverley Hills kit, always wanted to try their products
    Thanks for sharing your faves xoxo

    1. Thank you, they are Spectrum brushes!
      It was so worth the money, I love it!
      Kirsty xo

  4. I have just got back into highlighter, it's amazing how much it can transform your face! That ABH palette looks bloody gorgeous though! Fab post! xx

    Honeypot Blogs

    1. Tell me about it, I just love to glow!
      Thank you so much :)
      Kirsty xo