Saturday 6 January 2018

My 2017 Highlights and 2018 Goals

Now that's out of the way, how have you been? How was your 2017? It feels like it's been forever since I posted... It's only fitting that my first post of 2018 is about 2017... right? 

I met the Impractical Jokers
I started off the year travelling the country with Laura, seeing 3 Impractical Jokers shows. Now, I know that sounds crazy but when the tickets got released we got a bit 'booking happy' and after trying our hardest to get Meet and Greet, we finally succeeded. 
This was honestly the best way I could have started the year. I had waited months and months and it was SO worth the wait. 
I wrote a whole blog post about it (and i definitely don't randomly read it and look back at the photos.. not at all...) 

I had lots of little 'get away' trips
I love nothing more than having an event planned to count down to. I think that it makes normal 'work days' more bearable because you know that you're looking forward to something! 
In 2017, I had lots of mini trips that broke up the 'work' and I loved every single one.

Zach and I saw Joel Dommett on tour! He was absolutely hilarious, even more so than I was prepared for! We both left the show telling ourselves that we will definitely go and see him again. 

We went on a little getaway with Zachs family to Richmond. It was lovely to stay in a little B&B and spend our time going on walks, skimming pebbles across the lakes and just having some time away.

I went to see Penn and Teller in London with Zach. WE MET THEM! It was so amazing and I love spending time in London so it was a win-win! 
I saw Impractical Jokers... again... with Laura. Yep, as well as the 3 shows we went to see at the beginning of the year, we also went to another show in October. Don't judge. 

I went to see John Bishop with my Mum in November. This was such a lovely trip, my Mum absolutely adores John Bishop and we had been waiting for this show since Christmas 2016! The show was hilarious and we stayed over, spending the next day shopping at Meadowhall. I love having 'Mummy Daughter' time. 

For Christmas, Zach payed for a 'Spa Trip' and on the 27th of December we got wrapped up in robes and spent the day at the spa, spending the night at an apartment on complex. It was absolutely amazing, the most relaxed I've ever been. Our aim for 2018 is to save up and treat ourselves to another weekend away. Falling asleep on a pile of bean bags is INCREDIBLE!!!! 

I had my operation
I'm planning on making a separate post for all of the details about this... but I've been suffering for a long time with pains, sickness, fatigue and heavy periods. (Sorry if that's TMI.) 
I knew that it wasn't normal and after doctors appointments galore (again, I will go into this in another post because it's LONG) I finally found a Doctor that believed me. So he referred me for my operation.
I had a Diagnostic Laparoscopy and was diagnosed with Endometriosis. 
It was up there as being the hardest 2 weeks of my life. I honestly thought that I was never going to feel normal again after the operation but I did, eventually.

We waited SO long for this. I had a countdown on my phone for almost a YEAR.
September rolled around and I had the most amazing holiday ever. Florida is up there with New York for me, my favourite places in the world. 
I know people say Disney World is magical but... it is. It really really is. I've never been anywhere that is so amazing in my whole entire life. 
The amount of crying that took place was silly, but it was all happy, overwhelmed tears. 
I want to go back so bad. I really want to just book it and go, but I know that's not how life works. I have promised myself (and told Zach to promise me) that we will go back within the next few years. 

So, 2018... what do you have in store for me?

Let's see... I would like to: 
  • Lose weight. I know that everybody says this but I WILL do this. I am the heaviest I've ever been and the unhealthiest.
  • Get fitter. Again, read the previous bullet point. I am so unfit, I get out of breath walking up the stairs. This year, that will change. 
  • Start Saving. Whether the money goes towards my car, another holiday (DISNEY WORLD) or a house... I just want to start saving like a proper adult.
  • Go to Paris! This is a 'maybe' one... but I would love to go to Disney Land in Paris just to fill the Disney shaped hole in my heart.
  • Take Blogging more seriously. I love blogging so much but I always tell myself 'I don't have the time' to do regular posts. That's a lie, I'm just lazy. There is always time. 

I really hope you enjoyed reading this... I enjoyed writing it! 
What are your 2018 Goals? Did you have any big trips in 2017? 
I'd love to hear about them! 

Lots of love.

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