Thursday 28 January 2016

Goodbye Hair...

*pic from Lila Bowker pintrest

Tomorrow is a very important day. Tomorrow is a very nerve-wracking day. 
Tomorrow, I go to the hairdressers.
*shreaks of horror, gasps of disbelief and cries are heard in the distance* 


This girl is taking herself off to get a HAIRCUT. These knotty locks are GONE. 

I haven’t had my hair cut in months. The last time i went to get it cut, I decided to get my blonde dip-dye put back in. WHAT A MISTAKE.

My hair is in the worst condition it’s ever been in. I have knots EVERY single day. I don’t mean tiny ones, I mean ‘Hey Kirsty, I didn’t know you were growing dreadlocks?

I wake up in the morning and I can’t even be bothered trying to tame the beast on my head my hair so I put it up in one big knot of a ponytail.

..Can you tell that I’ve had enough of this? 

So I made a very grown up decision to get my hair cut. Tomorrow honestly can’t come quick enough. 

I have been searching the highs and lows of the internet trying to find a new hairstyle. (Why does that one girl with the curly prom hair always show up on Google Images for 2016 hairstyles?!?!) 

I think I’ve made my decision. Go short or go home.

I’m opting for the Lob. The Long Bob.

I know the majority of you will be wondering why this is such a big deal? My hair has NEVER been short. This is a HUGE deal for me.

I’m actually extremely worried because 90% of the time I take a photo into the hairdressers, i’m never happy with the end result. But i’ve decided it’s time to do something different… and if I don’t like it then… well, it’s hair. It grows. 

I am so very excited to see how this is going to go… I actually wrote this post so that I can’t go back on my word and just come out with ‘the ends trimmed off.’

Well… only time will tell. In 24 hours I will have my new hair. 

What kind of hairstyle do you have? Do you have a fear of the hairdressers like I do? 

Lots of love,

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