Saturday 13 February 2016

Everybody loves a Sale

The one and only reason I am writing this post is to spread clothes shopping joy to the girls and boys of the internet.

 It has been SO long since I’ve bought clothes for myself.

One reason is that I don’t really need anymore clothes (as much as I tell myself I do because I just wear the same three things all of the time) and another reason being that I had no money.

Now, I love being an online window-shopper as much as the next gal, but I didn’t expect to see such amazing savings when I opened up an ArkClothing tab. 

So, I didn’t know this but Arkclothing are closing down. This upsets me deeply as although some of the clothes (Motel) can be rather expensive… there are always some really good priced items on there.

Here are some of my favourite sale items!
Top Left - £5.90
Top Right - £3.50
Bottom Left - £5.60
Bottom Right - £10.50

…I just bought 8 new pieces of clothing from them. and I saved £154.79.

Yup. Not kidding.

I honestly don’t think I need to buy anything else for when Summer arrives?! (although who am I kidding? Of course I will.) 

There are so many items already in the sale, and much to my surprise, the 30% off code works ON TOP OF THAT!! I just bought multiple dresses for £3.50 each. 

Yeah, the stock is kinda low but that’s to be expected. I still managed to find so many items that were cheap and my size!! 

I’m now gonna be sat waiting for a few days for that delivery to arrive… I am a very happy bunny. 

Have you seen any bargains on the website?! Does anyone know why Ark are closing down? 

Lots of love.

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