Wednesday 13 April 2016

5 Seconds of ... Soundcheck

I think I have finally recovered enough from my hangover to write this post. 
First things first, I am actually a lightweight. That was common knowledge anyway… but I feel like that needs to be said. 

Second things… second. Is that right? I don’t think that’s right. 

Last year I went to see 5 Seconds of Summer live. It was INCREDIBLE. We were in the standing pod at Leeds arena (even thought we should have been seated, but shhh) and to this day it is one of the best concerts i’ve ever been too. 

So as soon as the 2016 tour tickets went on sale… we were on that. 
(We being myself and Lucy.) 

But… then things sort of changed. I stopped listening to their music, I stopped following their twitters… and I don’t know why. Life just kind of happened. They released the new album, Sounds Good Feels Good and I just kept forgetting to listen. Forgetting to listen until THE DAY BEFORE THE CONCERT I WAS GOING TO SEE! 

I know, I know, i’m a bad bad fan. 

You know when you’re looking forward to something and then it arrives and you’re like, hang on, where did that time go?! I haven’t had time to get excited… I haven’t had time to prepare for this night!! Well, that’s how I felt on Monday afternoon.

All those things pushed aside, I had an absolutely amazing night. Sounds Live Feels Live is a show that I am absolutely thrilled that I got to see.

Now, being the crazy fangirls that we were last year, we paid £120 for Soundcheck tickets. At the time I was absolutely buzzing… on Monday afternoon I wasn’t too sure what to expect.

I want to be nothing but honest on my blog so i will prepare for the 5sos fan hate. I was so disappointed. I was absolutely gutted, actually.

I spent so much money on those tickets. Yeah, I understand I got really good seats along with the Soundcheck experience but honestly, I wish I didn’t pay that much for it because it was such a let down.

The tickets stated that the soundcheck would begin at 4:30pm.
Umm… It’s now 4:45pm and we’re still stood in a Queue full of people inside the arena. I understand that things can run late. That’s cool. I get it.

5pm we are eventually all sat down. I thought we would be sat in our allocated seating (Row B, so we didn’t rush to get to the arena knowing we would still have a good view.) 

hahahahah you thought that Kirsty? You thought wrong. 

We were at the back. On the back row. Great. Awesome. 

I still wasn’t going to let that dampen my experience… 5SOS WERE GONNA BE ON STAGE IN LIKE 5 MINUTES?! Inside, I knew my fangirl would come out as soon as I saw them…

On they came, They sang 2 songs. It was good… a bit awkward just standing there clapping because obviously the arena huge and there were only about 150 of us so it was a completely difference atmosphere to when the real show began.

Then the ‘Q+A’ stated. I.E - answering a handful of questions. Some of the questions were good and it was really nice to hear some fans opening their hearts to 5sos. The answers were good too. But that’s all. Just Good. 

Honestly, I felt like I could have just typed in ‘5SOS interviews’ to Youtube and I would have got the same experience.

They ended it was another song and then left… After 20 minutes. £120 for 20 minutes.

I’m not all doom and gloom here… because forward the clock a few hours and the actual show itself was INCREDIBLE!! 

I had such an amazing night at the show, I got way too drunk and danced way too much with Lucy but it was honestly such a great experience. 

They sang some new songs and they also sang some old favourites. I almost cried during ‘Amnesia' and I nearly fell down the stairs dancing during ‘Don’t Stop.’ Even though I haven’t been paying much attention to them this year… I still felt the fangirl inside me dying to break free. 

(Sorry for the awful quality photos, I took my blogging camera but Security wouldn't let me use it!) 

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m not sure if it’s me that’s changed… or if the experience itself was just a bit rushed. It was supposed to be a ‘personal experience’ with the guys and the fans. It didn’t really feel personal at all. 

Saying all of this, I will probably attend every 5SOS concert that ever takes place from now until they break up. 

 But I can say from the bottom of my heart I won’t ever pay for the Soundcheck Experience again.

Have you been to any concerts this year? Do you have any lined up? I'd love to hear about them! 

Lots of love.

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