Saturday 16 April 2016

Battle of the Naked's...

Naked Palettes.
 Probably the most well known name of palettes out there. 

I am under no illusion that there are probably hundreds of cheaper dupes for these palettes, but can you really beat the originals? Personally, I think not. 

As you may have already noticed, i don’t have a full set yet. (sob)
I am missing the Naked 2 palette. I would absolutely love to have the full set (nudge nudge, wink wink Urban Decay. You can find my email in the Contact Me section of my blog
If you’re new to Urban Decay or you just don’t know which Naked is for you (all of them…. *cough*) then read on and I’ll show you and tell you all about my favourite three.

Naked: The Original Naked 

This is the very first Naked palette that I owned… and as you can see by the photos, it is well loved. I started wearing eyeshadow for the first time a couple of years ago and I was hellbent on only using Youtube tutorials to complete my looks. Hence why there are a few colours in this palette that have been used to death. 

This is my least favourite packaging out of the three. I just really don’t like the feel of the material (is this velvet???) and I think that it gets dirty SO QUICK!! Please don’t look at all of the horrible finger marks on the packaging! I try to keep it clean, I promise! 

As I just mentioned, this palette has been loved to death and that’s because of the colours. There are so many beautiful combinations that can be made with these colours, from neutral to night time to smoky looks! 
My favourite colours in this palette are Sin and Toasted.

I would definitely recommend this palette for somebody who is starting out with make up and wants to try some different colours without being limited to just one look! They key to this palette is BLEND BLEND BLEND! 

Naked 3 

This is the newest edition to my collection. I received this for christmas from my brother (I KNOW… MY BROTHER CHOSE THIS) and I have yet to delve into the different looks you can create with this one, but here are my thoughts so far; 

It is absolutely beautiful, the colour is just so girly and I love how clean and sleek it looks. It is so much harder to get dirty than the first palette and if you do mess it up, it’s easy to wipe clean as it is a hard tin palette. 
This is 100% my favourite in terms of the packaging. 

SO MUCH PINK!!! The colours in this palette are quite limited to pretty in pink looks, but i’m definitely not complaining!
I have yet to do much experimenting with these colours but I think they would make an amazing daytime look. I can imagine that a rose gold/copper eye would be easy to create with this! 

I just love how girly this palette is which is kind of why I’m scared to delve right into it! I don’t want to spoil how pretty and pristine it is! 
If you’re in to the more softer eye make up then I would recommend the Naked 3 :) Plus, it looks pretty in your bedroom so show it off as much as you can! 

Naked Smoky

I got this palette from my boyfriend for my 21st birthday. It was on my list as it had only just been released at the time and it was SO hard to get hold of. I was a very happy girly when I opened this.

This one is completely different to the rest of the collection, in a hard plastic casing with a lovely smoky effect on the background. If the word ‘Smoky’ was not enough for you to realise what type of palette this is, the packaging is a huge hint! 

This is the only Naked palette that doesn’t go in colour order! With a mix up of colours, there are so many different looks you can create. I am a bit scared to use the darker colours (although I know I wanted this for it’s smoky-ness) as I’m not a master of blending at the minute and I do tend to look like a panda at the end of my experimenting. 

If you are a master of eye make up - a lover of all things dark and smoky, I would HIGHLY recommend this palette for you. Go crazy with your blending and it’s easy to create a smooth day time look and a bold night time eye! 

I love all three of my palettes, I just can’t wait to get Naked 2 and complete my collection! My aim for Summer is to use more of my Naked 3 as the colours will just look beautiful when the weather is warmer and the clothes get PINKER! 

Which Naked palettes do you own? Which one is you favourite? Do you have any other brands that you recommend? 

Let me know! 

Lots of love.


  1. I only have the Naked 3 palette! But I really do like using it even though I'm not the biggest eye shadow wearer. It's such a pretty palette and perfect for spring/summer xx

    Lauren |

    1. Maybe we should both invest in the Naked 2 palette then... Just for research purposes, of course! xo

  2. Replies
    1. So it it worth me buying the Naked 2?! I feel like I need to complete my collection!

  3. Ooh I love the look of Naked 3 and all those rose gold shades *sigh* the packaging is gorgeous too! Ahh you so lucky :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

  4. I do not own any of these 3 palettes ( I must be the only.girl in this world that doesn't own one haha) and I know I would love them but they are too expensive for my taste. Great review!!


    1. Thank you so much!
      If you ever feel like saving up and splurging on an expensive palette I think you should definitely go for one of these three!

  5. I do not own any of these 3 palettes ( I must be the only.girl in this world that doesn't own one haha) and I know I would love them but they are too expensive for my taste. Great review!!


  6. I'm so embarrassed to say this but... I don't own any Urban Decay palettes! I know, I fail! lol. Its not that i'm not tempted I just have no where near me that stocks them and I really wanna play with them before I buy them. I love the look of palette three, those pinks just look like they belong on my face!
    kate xx

    1. Ah you should 100% order one of them online! I know it's nicer to swatch them but you won't be disappointed! xo

  7. Kirsty Naked 2 is the best of them all, get purchasing girl!! x