Tuesday 3 May 2016

May Must Reads // The IT Girl

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I finally did it. I just bit the bullet and chose a random book from my bookcase and I READ IT!!! 
I love reading more than anything in the world but I am a serial procrastinator. I tell myself ‘Oh, Kirsty, you’ve got a spare 2 hours here. Let’s read a new book’ and then I sit there scrolling down Facebook and Twitter and before I know it.. 2 hours has turned into 10 minutes and I no longer have time to sit and read a book. 

Then… when I do actually take the time to read, I can’t physically bring myself to START more than one at a time because I hate mixing up characters and stories in my head. I want to be 100% involved in the book i’m reading.

…Which is why it has taken me so long to start a new story. I have been reading ‘Girl Online: On Tour’ and I just got stuck. I was bored and uninterested in both the story and characters but I didn’t want to just STOP reading it. I DON’T WANT TO BE A FAILURE, OKAY? 

So one Friday night, I admitted defeat. I didn’t want to waste time just re-reading the same chapter of a book that I just can’t love.

I stood there for a while, staring at my bookcase which is when I spotted this book. ‘The It Girl.’ 

This book is written by the author of the Gossip Girl series. This automatically made me feel wary because I hate reading books that I’ve already seen the TV show of as I feel like I’m reading half a story and half of a script. But I was so so wrong.

This book follows Jenny Humphrey, and if you have watched Gossip Girl, you will know who this character is. But it’s not linked to gossip girl at all. Apart from Jenny, all of the characters are new and fresh.

We follow Jenny as she moves to Boarding School in order to change her life and become ‘New Jenny.' Let me tell you now… I bloody love New Jenny. 

It is so easy to read, the writing flows so well and the character development starts instantly. You know which characters you love and which ones you know you’re gonna hate and you feel like you know them straight away. 

The story is gripping from the beginning and makes you want to keep on reading chapter after chapter. Although nothing life changing happens in this book (it is a series of 10 books altogether) the little dramas and the funny dialogue make it such an easy read. 

Throughout the book there are little Instant Messages on there which co-incide with the drama that’s happening at the time. So you get the full story from the character that’s speaking at that particular time… but you also get the bitchy rumours and the gossip that is being spread from people on the schools’ IMing system. (OH THE DRAMA.) 

The only problem that I had with this book is that because it’s based in a NYC boarding school and it’s supposed to be full of rich, snobby kids… some of the names of the characters confused me a lot. I.E - there are girls called Benny and guys called Easy. So when certain characters were talking I had to stop and think ‘wait, which character was this? The girl? Oh no, this was the guy.’ 

I won’t tell you that this book is going to blow your mind and leave you speechless and questioning your existence for the rest of your life.. it’s just a fun, addictive little read that will make you want to buy the next book… and probably the one after that. You will fall in love with the characters and you will find that your new guilty pleasure is finding out which girl kissed which guy… and who’s sleeping with who

If you want an easy read that you won’t be able to put down, I seriously recommend this book… and although I can’t vouch for the whole series (I’m starting number two as we speak) I promise you that this book is worth your reading time.

Have you read this series? Which book are you currently reading? Let me know! 

Lots of love.
xox << Defo didn't wanna put Gossip girl at the end of that...

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