Saturday 31 December 2016

NYC Day 8 - Do we HAVE to go home?!

Unlike our holiday in 2015, this trip to New York hasn't flown by… in fact, if has felt like we've been here a life time. But who’s complaining? Not me.
Is it just me who hates waking up on the last day of a holiday? Especially when you haven’t already packed the night before… oops. 

We had a little sleep in with it being our final morning in the hotel… well, when in New York, eh! 

I hate packing. I absolutely HATE IT!!! Have we left anything? Check under the bed sheets one last time… check that drawer in the bathroom that we absolutely 100% haven’t used once since we got here. You know… just in case.
Once we had finished packing we made our way to Chic-Fil-A… because why not? It has been Zach’s absolute favourite fast food place since we got here so I don’t see anything wrong with a little Brunch chicken burger. 

Shopping was the plan for today… and lots of it.

Let’s just say as soon as we left the hotel this morning, the heavens opened. The whole day was filled with torrential rain and we were soaked the second we stepped out of the doors… I’m not going to lie, it makes shopping on 5th avenue a little bit of a nightmare. 

We made a little trip into the Christmas Shop on 5th avenue… if you love Christmas (and even if you don’t) this is heaven. Christmas music on repeat with decorations and baubles to fill your little festive heart.

I picked up a decoration for my Mum and I’m pretty sure that’s all I bought today… like I said, the rain really did ruin the ‘Shop till’ you drop’ mood. 

Saying that, we did have a good nosey around a lot of the shops and we even took a trip into *gulp* Trump Towers. (I’m sorry, we really wanted a Starbucks and we knew there was one in here!!) 

Taking one last look around Times Square… we made our way back to the hotel to pick up our cases and wait for our Taxi. The saddest part of any holiday. 

Getting into that Taxi on the way to the airport is without a doubt one of the most depressing things. Suddenly, the week seems to have flown by and you remember sitting in the Taxi on the way TO the hotel!! Nooo, I don't wanna go home! You can’t make me! 

So, it was rush hour. Rush hour in NYC. In a taxi. Probably one of the worst experiences of my life. A journey that should have taken 40-50 minutes took us almost 2 hours. We were travelling through all of the back streets and you always get that feeling… I have NO idea where I am and anything could happen to me! 

Obviously, nothing did happen. We just got to the airport a little bit later than planned. BUT YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED!!! (My dramatic imagination goes into overload, here.) 

All I’m going to say is… I didn’t go to the toilet before we got into the taxi and by the time we were almost at the airport I was in tears needing a wee. 
TMI, I know. But I like to be truthful on Teenytinythoughts and my teenytinythought was that if I didn’t find a toilet soon, I was most definately going to do a teenytinypee in the back of this guys car. 

I won’t go into details about the airport… it was stressful and we were both super tired. It’s always the worst flying home because once you’re checked in and waiting for the plane, you just want to be home.  

The plane journey… well, I can’t remember. I’m pretty sure I slept most of it. 

After feeling like we’d been travelling for 3 full days, we were finally back on English soil. 

I had such an incredible time in New York. If you are ever debating whether or not to go, DO IT. Honestly, it’s an experience of a lifetime and looking at photos can never really do it justice. 

I’m not sure when we will return, but New York City, We will most definitely be back. 

Lots of love.

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