Sunday 4 December 2016

NYC Day 6 - Chilling in Central Park

We could not have picked a better day to visit Central Park… and it was completely by accident! 

November… and the sun is shining. Not just shining, it’s actually beaming down and the sky are blue with not a cloud in sight. Absolutely incredible. 

We started the day with a Waffle from a little stand in Bryant Park. We must have passed this stand 100 times in our two trips to NYC and never stopped off there… it was incredible but I really am not a fan of eating on a morning so I couldn’t finish it. Zach managed to finish off both of ours though.

Next stop: Central Park.

(I'll warn you here... it gets pretty picture heavy. But honestly, they're the best photos i've ever taken in my life)

This is hands down my favourite place to be in NYC. Last year we didn’t even reach a third of it, it’s absolutely HUMONGOUS. No matter how much you prepare yourself you will be shocked by the sheer size of it. 
I’ll never forget just laying in the park with the sun beaming down on my face, looking at the amazing view around me. Without sounding cheesy, it was hands down the most beautiful thing i’d ever seen.

If you’re ever in NY, just go. Spend a whole day there, you won’t regret it. We didn’t even scratch the surface and we’ve been twice! 

… I could just keep talking about it but I think the pictures do it more justice than my words ever could.

The amount of walking that takes place here is insane and we decided to head for some food… Wendys! 

Real attractive face there, Kirst!

We lost our Wendy’s virginity and it was SO GOOD!!! I had some sort of chocolate milkshake but they give you a spoon and its the consistency of an ice cream. It was delicious! 

After stopping off at the shops to get some more snacks for the hotel room (oops) we made our way through the protest march. It was mind blowing and an experience i’ll never forget. 

Now you can’t come to NYC and NOT see a Broadway show… so that’s where we headed. Matilda: The Musical. 
Last year we saw Lion King and it was out of this world. I laughed and cried and it i one of the best shows i’ve ever seen! 

Matilda was good and we both enjoyed it a lot… but we were sat next to a couple who were snogging each others faces off every spare second they got… the guy had THE heaviest breathing I’ve ever heard and it was so off putting! Add that together with the children sat behind us kicking our seats and it was enough to put us off for a lot of the show. 

All of that aside, I really did enjoy the show. Not a patch on Lion King but that was to be expected… Matilda is closing down in January so I wanted to see it to make sure that it was one off of the bucket list before they stopped showing it! 

Rewind a couple of blog posts and you’ll know… we did the ‘Tripadvisor’ thing again! Which led to to an Indian restaurant ‘Spice Symphony.’ Oh my god, there is a reason that this is high on the restaurant list in NYC. It was so delicious, the food came out before I’d even had time to take my coat off and the portions were perfect! 

(I love how the majority of my blog posts are always about food…. who’s complaining though?) 

After a busy day my feet were screaming ‘Kirsty go to bed I am crying plz.
 It’s this part of the holiday that I start to feel a little bit sad knowing that I’ve only got another 2 nights in the hotel and in this amazing city… 
but always look on the bright side because there are more adventures to be had in the morning! 

Have you ever seen a Broadway musical? Which one was it?

Lots of love.

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  1. I've always wanted to go to central park SOO badly! After watching many tv series set there (like Gossip Girl) it just makes me want to go there to re-create the scenes haha
    Holly x | |