Friday 25 November 2016

NYC Day 5 - Christmas Spectacular, a Cinema trip and Chocolate heaven!

It’s the big day. 
It’s UFC 205 which means it’s the night where I’m gonna be alone in New York City and I’m going to try not to have a panic attack in the hotel room. 
(SPOILER ALERT: It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be…) 

The event didn’t start until 7pm which meant that we had the WHOLE day to do whatever we wanted in the big city. The first day of this trip that was OURS and it didn’t include standing in queues! 

I had done a lot of research on Tripadvisor prior to this holiday and I’d seen so many good things about the ‘Rockettes: Christmas Spectacular’ at Radio City and after seeing Santa and the dancing, singing NY shoppers, I was sold. My heart was set on Radio City.

So that’s where we headed… to Radio City. One of the most beautiful music halls i’ve ever set foot in.

We didn’t expect to get tickets for the show straight away… especially seeing as we were still waiting to buy tickets at 10:59am. The show started at 11:00am. WE GOT IN. It was the most ‘well, that escalated quickly’ moment ever!

To put it into a few words… the show was MIND-BLOWING. I’m pretty sure i’m the only person in that audience that cried when it showed the 3D Santa flying his sleigh over New York City.

Even if you’re not a fan of the singing and dancing, go see this show if you get the chance. It’s literally Christmas spirit embodied on stage.
 I came out beaming from ear to ear and I just wanted to run around singing Christmas carols to all the New Yorkers. 

We had planned to do a lot of shopping today but because it was the first Saturday after the election, 5th Avenue had closed SO many shops due to the protests. It was so surreal seeing that many people outside the Trump Towers... and rallying around the streets with their signs and their chants. 

We already knew where we were heading for our (late) lunch after the show… Max Brenner’s. This place has chocolate EVERYTHING. Chocolate milkshakes, cocktails, chocolate powder in EVERY SINGLE MAIN, chocolate desserts and the air smells like chocolate. Could I fit the word chocolate in the sentence again?

I had a Salted Caramel milkshake that was brought to me from the Milkshake heavens. Perfection. I decided to have something other than a burger or pizza so I went for the Grilled Chicken Panini and it was INSANE. Hands down the best place to eat lunch/dessert in NYC.

Why is it that when you are on holiday time goes 10x quicker??? After Zach spent too much money on UFC T-shirts from Reebok, we had to head back to the hotel so that he could get ready for the big event. 

On the way back, I decided that I was going to go to see a 'movie' in Times Square while Zach was out rather than spending the whole night in the hotel room… 
I was kind of regretting this as the showing came closer because I was nervous about walking the streets by myself at night… but my worries were for nothing because it was completely fine!! 

The thing that wasn’t fine was that I fell asleep… 4 times during the film. I went to see Dr Strange and I think the comfy seats combined with the darkness sent me into the deepest slumber ever. 
The one thing I will tell you all is… everyone in the cinema stood up and clapped when the film ended. CLAPPED. Is this a thing in America? if so, I don’t like it.

The best part of my night was when the woman in the film called him 'Master Strange' and he corrected her and said 'IT'S DR STRANGE.....' to which a woman on the row behind me screamed 'LET EM KNOW!!!!

If you're ever walking alone and you're feeling scared... follow my world famous tip. Tag on to everyones family. Walking in a big group? I'm gonna join you. 
That way... nobody knows you're walking by yourself!!! (Or maybe you could just walk like a normal person? It's up to you...)

I wish I could tell you that I got back to the hotel, ordered room service and danced around the room whilst eating pizza and drinking vodka but unfortunately... (and i think you know what's coming here!) I fell asleep. 

Now that UFC is over (at 2am) it means that the next 3 days are gonna be jam packed full of shopping, being tourists and eating so much food... because we haven't done enough of that already! 

Have you ever been to an American 'movie theatre?' 

Lots of love.

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