Monday 21 November 2016

NYC Day 3 - Food, Friends and aching Feet!

We WILL get up early. We WILL get dressed and go out for an early morning stroll… We WILL... let’s just snooze the alarm one more time! 

Today is the day of the UFC press conference which meant that we needed to cram as much as we could in the morning before heading back to MSG to get our tickets at lunch time. 

We actually went out for a nice, sit down breakfast! Not a quick starbucks or a quick NOTHING because we were to busy to eat!

We decided to do the famous ‘check TripAdvisor' again and it did not disappoint. We chose to eat breakfast at ‘Pershing Square’ which is directly opposite the entrance to Grand Central. 

From the outside you probably would think it was a little diner, nothing special. But the inside was absolutely beautiful and jam packed full of businessmen and women grabbing a quick breakfast before heading off to work. 

The service was the quickest I’ve ever experienced, I even dropped my fork on the floor and before I had chance to blink the guy was over to the table with a new one for us. 

The breakfast was amazing and definitely filled us up, although it was quite expensive (what can you expect for such a prime location, though?) 

The one thing on my list of places to go on this trip was Bath and Body works. I’d seen so many hauls on blogs and Youtube and I wanted to experience this magical place for myself. 

As soon as I walked in I was in Christmas heaven. Christmas candles, hand sanitisers and soaps galore… as well as ‘Jingle Bells’ playing on the speakers. I couldn’t help but smile and take tons of videos for my Snapchat. Just call me Mrs Claus! 

I wanted to buy ALL THE THREE WICK CANDLES but unfortunately my suitcase allowance wasn’t unlimited so I decided to pick up some hand sanitisers, soaps and lots of little air fresheners for my car. 
(I will be doing a haul of all the things that I bought and i’ll be posting that soon!) 

After spending an extremely long time pretending I was a Christmas elf, we finally left the shop and headed straight to MSG. We had to queue quite a lot for all of the UFC events but I didn’t mind because Zach has done his fair share of queuing with me for Impractical Jokers so I guess I owed him!  

We got in the queue for our press conference tickets at 12 but then realised they were ‘standing’ tickets so we had to wait outside the arena for almost 3 hours to make sure we got a good space! 3 HOURS!!!! 

The Press Conference was one of the best UFC related things I experienced this week, it was really interesting to see all of the fighters up close (we were next to the barriers because we are top fans and fought our way to the front) and it was actually really funny and entertaining!

As always, I found myself thinking about where we were gonna head for food afterwards (shocker!) We chose Shake Shack and honestly, it is so much better in America than it is in London! THE BEST strawberry milkshake I’ve ever had!

Our hotel had a Cellar Bar where ‘Happy Hour’ was between 5pm-6pm. We decided to take advantage of this when we headed back and spent an hour in there enjoying our free Vodka and Sprites! I wasn’t tipsy after 2 glasses, what are you talking about? 

Heading back up to our room both super tired from spending the day on our feet, we had a little nap before getting ready and making our way into Times Square.

Zach had a Mcdonalds but I was still full from the burger earlier so we took a little trip into ‘Carlos' Bakery.’ We visited last year but it was on the last day and we took our goodies on the plane with us… they were crushed and went all soft so we didn’t get to experience the Cannolis!

Guys… I have to tell you the truth. I hated the Cannoli! I know, I’m so sorry. It really wasn’t nice at all. If I was to visit again (and trust me, I want to) then I would probably get a cake or a mousse, something that I know will be amazing!

Zach got this strawberry shortcake mousse, HOW AMAZING DOES THIS LOOK???

Another one for your bucket list...Times Square. It is just incredible. It’s another world. It's crazy, tiring, bright and LOUD! An absolutely insane experience and you have to see it both during the day and at night because both are two completely different visits! 

Exhausted and feeling slightly delirious, we headed back to the hotel and Zach was out like a light. I ended my day by laying in bed, looking out at the skyline whilst watching episodes of Friends. Could I BE any more of a New Yorker? (High 5 if you got the reference!) 

Have you ever been to Bath and Body works? Which is your favourite scent? 

Lots of love.

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