Saturday 19 November 2016

Arriving in New York City - Election Day

How is it possible to feel like you’ve waited forever for something but at the same time it’s come around SO fast?! That’s how I feel about this trip to New York! 

If you’ve read my blog before you will know that I visited NYC for the first time in October 2015 for my 21st birthday. With it being my dream destination and the fact that I loved it SO much, we booked to visit again, November 2016. 13 months later and here it is… 

We arrived at the airport bright and early (7:45am is very bright and early for me, thank you very much) and after getting through Check in and Security, we made our way to Giraffe for a big breakfast before our flight! Without going in to too much detail, my breakfast was nice… but cold. Never mind. 

We accidentally spent a lot more time than we thought we would in Giraffe so we pretty much made our way straight to the gate after that, I couldn’t believe how fast it was going and how excited I was! (Normally I feel really sick early in the morning… and the added stress of flying wouldn’t help with that, but i felt great!) 

The flight was fine, I don’t really like flying but the food was actually really nice and we paid £5.00 to get some premium TV and Movies. We ate food, watched Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (very funny film!!!) and before we knew it… it was time for landing! 

I always feel really nervous in airport security, even though I know i’ve got nothing to feel nervous about! I hate it when you get asked questions like ‘Why are you here?’ ‘Umm, to go on holiday?’ ‘What do you work as?’ ‘Um… Why does that matter?!’ But putting all that aside, we were actually out of the airport a LOT quicker than we were in 2015! 

Getting into the Yellow Cab was when the holiday really began… Watching the adverts on the little TV in the back of the Taxi and realising… I’m here. I’m in NYC. 

We arrived at the Bryant Park Hotel (we stayed here the previous year, absolutely incredible hotel with staff that really do go the extra mile) and we had been upgraded to a Junior Suite! With the most incredible views and the most gorgeous room, we couldn’t have asked for more! 

When we arrived in the room there was a complimentary bottle of wine (which got me drunk off of one glass but we won’t go into that!) and a ‘Welcome Home’ balloon which actually made me cry a little bit. Also I cried when the plane landed but don’t judge me, NYC is my home away from home. 

We were both SO tired when we arrived, on UK time it would have been 8pm but we were starting our day at 3pm instead! (Damn you Jetlag.) We had already decided before we arrived that we weren’t gonna pack a lot into the rest of the day. We made that mistake last year and it ended with Zach walking around times square like he was drunk, when really he was just delirious with the Jetlag! 

We spent some time in the room, getting unpacked and getting our bearings a little bit. We both facetimed our families to let them know that we arrived safe and to show them the amazing views of the Bryant Park Winter Village and the Ice Rink and then we decided to head out and get some food. 

We stopped by Walgreens to get some food for the room, sweets drinks and fizzy pop. We literally lived off of this sort of stuff for the whole week! We visited ‘Crumbs’ cupcake shop and got one of the ‘Happy Birthday’ cupcakes which we already knew tasted amazing! Zach introduced me to ‘Auntie Anne's’ Pretzel Dogs. Hot dog wrapped in a pretzel. It was actually incredible and we went on to have a couple of those during the holiday (oops.) 

Being so tired meant that we didn’t wanna go get a Subway pass and travel to get food. So what else could we do? McDonalds, of course. Although I was super disappointed because they’d changed the McNugget recipe (Now 100% chicken breast… so what was it before?!) and they really weren’t as nice as they are at home! 

All of these ‘stores’ were located in and around Times Square (which is just around the corner from our hotel!) so we did spend a bit of time taking it all in and taking some photos, but really I knew that the reality of being in NYC wouldn’t set in until I’d had a good nights sleep! 

Today was Election Day. I was SO nervous about arriving in the country and being there on the day of the Elections as I had seen a lot on Twitter about it… and the two candidates were in New York so I really didn’t know what to expect. They were showing the results live on the big screens in Times Square and it was actually really scary seeing people celebrating and cheering when they got what they wanted… and then shouting and screaming when they didn’t.

We didn’t stay very long because it was jam packed with camera crews and politics enthusiasts so we decided to head back to the room and watch the results from the comfort of our bed. 

I woke up at 2:30am to Donald Trump on the TV screen giving a speech. I actually thought I was dreaming… convincing myself that it must be a ‘losers’ speech. But I was wrong, and I couldn’t believe it. I had seen so much online on the run up the this election that I was convinced he had no chance of winning, so it was very bizarre to see this happening first hand in NYC, but also an experience I know I’m lucky to have had and I’ll never forget.

After that bizarre wake up call, I tried my hardest to get back to sleep and dreamt about the amazing week that I had ahead of me in NYC...

I hope you enjoyed my first day as much as I did! I will be posting about the rest of my week in NYC so be sure to follow me to keep up to date :)

Have you been to NYC before? Would you like to go one day? 

Lots of love.

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